LeChatPonti in the Press

Studio 53, my very first Art studio in the big wide world, was located in Wapping, London, within the Rum Factory art studios managed by BowArts.

The BowArts Trust is a non-profit organisation that supports East London artists and community through the provision of affordable studio space, live/work accommodations, educational programs, and a free gallery, the Nunnery Gallery.

The Rum Factory studios were BowArts’ latest venture at the time of my volunteering with them, and they offered me a space there. The studios were all open-plan, without doors, and, for those located on the first floor, no ceilings: the mezzanine studios had full visibility on the first floor studios.

My studio was located on the first floor, and I rose up to the challenge of making Art in the constant proximity of others. However, the total lack of privacy proved to be too much for me in the end, and I thankfully scored a new studio shortly after, in my new borough of Greenwich, not without much persistence and power of persuasion, I have to say.

Anyhow, the inauguration of the Rum Factory studios gave way to a ceremony with guest speakers that included no less than the director of the Tate, Sir Nicolas Serota. Journalists walked around checking out artists’ studios and I was interviewed for the online magazine Culture24.

Below is an excerpt covering my interview, and a link to the full article.

Culture24 - LChP

This was the second appearance of LeChatPonti in the press, as I was also interviewed at the occasion of my solo exhibition in the cafe Zing’A’T in Macon, France, in November-December 2014. The URL to the article is unfortunately no longer valid as one needs a subscription to the online magazine to access their archives.

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